ALTAN is an art exhibition that examines the difference between public and private space, and about encountering art in everyday life and the public. We have 7 balconies around in Copenhagen facing the street. Each artist is assigned a balcony and chooses how they want to use the allocated space, whether they place something on it, hang something from it or make a performance.

The 7 mini solo exhibitions are viewed from street level, and not from inside the apartments. The primary audience are pedestrians looking up, and maybe not people who normally go to galleries. For the opening we will have a guided bicycle tour where you can ride along and see all the balconies.

Curated by Alberte Skronski and Tania Sloth

The artists

Sidsel Winther / @sidselwinther

Maria Toll / @maria_toll_

Ellis Achong Karker / @ellisachongkarker

Birgitte Boesgaard / @boesgaard_copenhagen

Giulia Cairone / @giuliacairone

Alberte Skronski / @alberteskronski

Tania Sloth / @tania.sloth