Magenta gallery is an artist-run gallery and studio located in central Copenhagen. We collaborate with new talents and emerging artists from the local and international art scene.

The project space is here to facilitate new and interesting interactions between artist and audience; exploring the art of visual, audio and tactile storytelling and reimagining narratives. We provide an intimate space that creates a bridge between the artists practice and their public showcasing.

Magenta gallery’s program works across media and expressive forms in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, video and sound in both solo and group exhibitions. The exhibitions runs two to three weeks with an opening event. The price lists are available at the opening and online on the exhibition page.

The neighbour-shop Strengelegen has been in this spot for more than 24 years before half of it became the gallery. The two shops are still connected with a magical passage so you can visit both worlds.

Magenta gallery is founded in November 2020 by visual artist Tania Sloth