Magenta gallery is an artist-run exhibition and project space. Our aim is to find contemporary art that is edgy, allowing you to experience work that is both raw and refined. The showcased artists speak to our inner sense of the aesthetic: we take the local and the international, the established and the new, and present them in a curated room. 

We seek out exciting new talents and emerging artists to participate in the exhibition programme. Our project space is here to facilitate new and interesting interactions between artist and audience; exploring the art of visual, audio and tactile storytelling and reimagining narratives. We provide an intimate space that creates a bridge between private acts of creation and their public showcasing.

The exhibition programme works across media and expressive forms in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, graphics, photography, video and sound in both solo and group exhibitions.

Strengelegen has been in this spot for more than 20 years, selling vintage instruments and giving repair service, and has a lot of good memories from all the musicians that visited and played there.

The gallery is run and curated by Tania Sloth