From the 4th – 13th of May 2022

On the 24th of February, at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, the time stopped. At this moment, the first Russian soldiers crossed the Ukrainian border. This is a point of no return, turning to a mortifying page of European history. 

The war shows the true nature of people. It undresses people, and peels off all artificial layers to expose who they really are. 

At Magenta gallery, we invite you to connect with the true nature of Ukrainians, by seeing their resilience, as captured by talented Ukrainian and European photographers – Slava Ratynski, Yana Sidash, Mikhail Palinchak, Serhii Hudak, Yurko Dyachyshyn, Aziz Karimov, Olha Malinina, and Nicolas Cortes. 

Every photo has a story, that needs to be told. 

As a part of the exhibition, we will be glad to present a selection of charity organisations that directly support Ukraine. 

We invite you to the opening Wednesday the 4th of May from 12-17. The exhibition will run to the 13th of May.

Curation and text by Julia Motrenko @2402copenhagen and Nina Merkus @merkusprojects


From the 8th – 29th of April 2022

Wake up into darkness
Blink and see nowhen emerge
A sudden surge of unseen sights

Magenta gallery invites you to E L S E W H E R E

The gallery space will be transformed when the four artists Simon Nicolaisen, Emil Gundel, Frej Gudmundsson and Tania Sloth collaborates in a group exhibition with paintings, sculptures, digital art, soundscape and poetry.

The installation will be a meditative space waking all senses. Both the soundscape and neon colours creates an atmosphere that makes the world expand and seem different. Its somewhere else. The audience can explore the exhibition alone or together.

Stitch in Time Workshop

Thread. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. Thread.
The rhythm of the ages, the slow beat of a needle
through fabric as an image emerges over hours.
Embroidery is a skill passed down for thousands
of years, part of a tradition of handicrafts which
tell the tale of the time that they were made.
Whether it’s a motif on a military uniform or a
little girl’s handwriting, lives were recorded in
thread. The Stitch in Time workshop builds on
that history of storytelling.

Come sit with me, let’s share a moment and stitch
together the messages that need to be seen.

Veronica Bluguermann, the artist from FALLING ON DEAF EARS is hosting the workshop the 19th of March from 13-15.

Cost of participation: 200 DKK with materials and coffee/thé included. Book your spot on mobilepay: Tania Sloth (Magenta gallery) 27283035 and add ‘workshop’ in the comment area.

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From the 4th – 25th of March 2022

Veronica Bluguermann
Amanda Kessarias
Madam Neverstop
Luise Noora Sejersen
Mia Dernoff
Johanne Storgaard Brok

Culture_VS_Events and Magenta Gallery welcome you to “Falling on Deaf Ears” – a group exhibition showcasing Denmark-based international artists of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, gender and sexual identities, who with their artistic contributions will explore different topics of conversation and actions provoked by contemporary feminism in various cultural pockets around the world.

The purpose of this exhibition is to celebrate Women’s History Month and all that feminism has accomplished for our society to take its current form. However, the Nordic / Western European perspective is often skewed thanks to inaccurate depictions in media on foreign affairs, and narrowed due to a lack of exposure to other narratives outside the domestic plane.

That is why, inspired by the theme behind the featured installation piece titled “Gritemos” by Argentinian artist Veronica Bluguermann, we would like to create a safe space for discourse where the artists participating in the exhibition can facilitate a direct link to different conversations and actions provoked by feminism, in order to create a holistic image of the different sociopolitical developmental stages in regards to human rights around the world.

The participating artists are working in different media including video, embroidery, textile, painting, and photography. Their work comes together in a total installation reflecting their individual perspectives on the subject.

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The conversations feminism provokes in different places around the world

Magenta gallery invites artists based in Denmark to submit their work for a group exhibition in March 2022. All artist backgrounds, genders and nationalities are welcome to apply. 

Media forms for submissions: video / soundscapes / text / line work / poetry / watercolour / print. We prefer smaller works that can fit the intimate space and complete an existing installation idea. 

How to apply: 

Send us a few photos of your work and short description to info@magentagallery.dk

Deadline for submission is 18th of February at 12 pm. The selected artist(s) will be noticed the 23rd of February and get a timeframe for delivery of artwork to Turesensgade 14, 1368 København K. 

The exhibition will be running from the 4th to the 25th of March. The artist(s) are responsible for delivery / pick up of artworks to the gallery before and after the exhibition. 

Curated by Iskra Dinkova and Tania Sloth.


If you feel inspired by the exhibition TRACES we will have a workshop in the gallery Saturday the 19th of February creating abstract paintings. We will find inspiration in natural forms and paint in layers with acrylic and mixed media on a 30×30 cm canvas.

Come for a creative day in the gallery from 12-16. The workshop costs 150 kr. including materials for one painting and coffee/thé/water. We have space for 4-5 people sitting in the studio.

Sign up now at info@magentagallery.dk


From the 4th – 25th of February 2022

TRACES is a cross-country collaboration with visual artists Tanja Halstrick, Camilla Gabriele and Tania Sloth for the 14th exhibition in Magenta gallery in February 2022. 

Working with the theme TRACES they are studying natural phenomena by looking at the surface and form of elements that are undergoing changes over time.  

Their works are reflections on their own being and place in nature and how certain parts in their surroundings can be captured and translated from photographs to paintings and sculptures. 

At the exhibition we will be launching a book with findings and thoughts from each artist’s practice that will be for sale in the gallery. Order a copy on info@magentagallery.dk

The opening weekend will be Friday the 4th from 16-20 and Saturday the 5th from 12-16.

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From the 10th – 23rd of December 2021

A poetry book release

Based on the personal accounts of poverty through childhood to adult life, and the unbearable history of oppression, Cotton Rivers was realised. Through poems and illustrative elements, Elio Escoffery and Basco have created a poetry book which intends to tackle the seemingly blind red thread of this societal issue.

Accompanying the book, which was a source of inspiration, artist’s Jamie Jacob and Basco have produced artwork inspired by Cotton Rivers.

Elio Escoffery is a British Caribbean writer born in London, living in Copenhagen. Working primarily with poetry, his subject matters centre around race, loss, lust and decay. He has a real urge to see language used within more creative spaces and situations. Escoffery is currently writing his first novel, Drifters.

Basco of Scorpions is a Canadian born creative, living in Copenhagen.
Formerly named BascoFive, he is allowing himself to be unrestricted in his creative process. He envisions how one can reimagine what it means to publish, hold events, or create items with meaning. With a strong belief in collaboration, 2022 will see many new projects on the horizon.

Jamie Jacob is an English born painter, living in Copenhagen. With a background in art and furniture design he is currently exploring the world through various mediums and many colours. Proclaiming himself a multi-coloured article manufacturer, his universe is vast and unique.

On Friday the 10th of December from 16-21 we welcome you at Magenta gallery for the reception and book release of Cotton Rivers. The book will be for sale at the opening, you can pre-order a copy at info@magentagallery.dk

Elio Escoffery will be presenting a reading at 19 in the gallery.

1 year birthday

The 6th of November 2021

Magenta gallery is turning 1 year the 6th of November 2021 💗

It has truly been an amazing year with 11 wonderful exhibitions from a variety of artists. The 12th exhibition TANFOOLIAN by Lukas Keysell is opening the night before.

The gallery is undergoing a little transition with the back room changing into a studio, but the front room will continue having collaborative exhibitions for you to enjoy every month.

To celebrate the birthday we will have free (vegan) cupcakes in the gallery from 14-17.

The gallery opening 6th of November 2020

Live painting with Lukas

In addition to Lukas Keysell’s current exhibition TANFOOLIAN, Magenta gallery will be hosting an evening of live painting with Lukas. A series of canvases will be completed throughout the evening which will then be auctioned at the end.

There will be free drinks and snacks available to enjoy whilst socialising and gazing upon the creation of new art works. If you didn’t make it to the opening of TANFOOLIAN its also a good chance to see his first solo show with him.

Lukas will be painting from 16:00 – 18:30
The auction will be from 18:30 – 19:00

Auctioning will start at 10 DKK for each painting.

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