Camilla Gabriele. Visual artist based in Århus.

My current art practice is motivated by my endless fascination towards natural phenomena. My so-called coral sculptures are the results of an intuitive way of working with the clay, and letting it ‘lead the way’ so to say. These sculptures are a trace of my long-time fascination with materials and their nature, not to mention my fascination with nature itself. They have become my own kind of nature. Phenomena are results of natural processes sometimes combined with the influence of human actions.

From the exhibition TRACES

I like to capture moments and compositions in these phenomena in order to enjoy their beauty forever and because I’m scared that I will never come across something like it again and then maybe I will forget about them. This way I have memories to actually look back on and be inspired by and as a bonus I can share these moments with people that might not see or notice these moments and details of phenomena in their own everyday life.

Camilla exhibited in the group exhibition TRACES. She is a part of the new curatorial team.