From the 7th – 29th of May 2021

Magenta gallery presents CONTACT by Mara Yuki.

With the solo exhibition CONTACT Mara Yuki shows paintings and sculptures created within the last three years, spent in France, Japan and Denmark.

CONTACT communicates thoughts that presented themself throughout those years, and reveals perspectives and emotions from hidden layers in reflection of the art-processes.

Mara Yuki’s work is detailed in the scene of these experiences and creates a self-taught practice with a variation in form.

The opening is the 7th of May from 16-20 with Mara presenting her work in the gallery.


From the 9th-29th of April 2021

Magenta gallery is proud to present Alberte Skronski with her first solo exhibition: AT HOME

AT HOME is a combined video and installation work which is set up for the first time in a gallery context. The installation is a part of a series of video works where the artist explores everyday scenarios. 

Alberte works primarily with recycled materials such as cardboard and paper maché and builds parallel worlds that redefines realism in objects and characters. Her art practice works across many techniques and ideas, and she is constantly challenging herself and her self-image in the media she performs in.

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From the 12th-31st of March 2021.

A group exhibition by Rikke Volf, Yinon Avior, Laura Madsen, Dan Bowran and Tania Sloth.

Rikke Volf is a Danish artist living in Copenhagen and working in her studio in West Zealand. She makes mixed media sculptures and paintings created from different tactile materials. She has an education from the Danish Design School and been a guest artist in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.  

Yinon Avior a visual artist from Tel Aviv. He lives and works in Copenhagen and has his art studio in Frederiksberg. His works consist of different materials to create sculptures and scenes. He has an educational background from Dusseldorf Kunstakademie, Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts and The Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp. 

Laura Madsen is a Danish glass artist who is trained at Orrefors (Sweden). She has also worked around Europe as a glassblower, in 1999 she was one of the first women to work as a glassblower at Murano (Italy). Recently she has begun to make sculptures and art pieces in glass and one of these is represented in the gallery exhibition.

Dan Bowran is a visual artist from London/Melbourne working primarily with glass. The two pieces presented in the gallery are made in Bornholm in 2018 in the Artist in Residence programme at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. They are made by using a variety of experimental techniques.

Tania Sloth (founder of the gallery) is a visual artist working multi media with painting, drawing and graphic design. She has recently been creating more sculptural paintings and been inspired to work with found objects and materials to create tactile pieces.

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Group show

Magenta gallery invites local artists working in sculpture to participate in a group exhibition in March 2021. The work can be in ceramic, wood, stone or glass for the theme: DESERTED SHORE. Submitted sculptures must be made within the last three years.

The exhibited work will be displayed in the window and the gallery space for approximately three weeks. The exhibition will also include an online viewing of the artwork. 

How to apply

Send three good photos of your work with a description (including sizes) and a short artist bio via wetransfer: to Mark it OPEN CALL.

The deadline for submission is Sunday the 28th of February 2021. We will make a selection of the artwork that fits the theme and space the most.

The selected artists will be noticed on the 2nd of March and get a timeframe for delivery of artwork to the gallery at Turesensgade 14, 1368 København K.


From the 1st-28th of February 2021 (extended to the 6th of March)

A collection of paintings made in 2020 by Tania Sloth.

The paintings represent a year that started with quitting her job in January to focus on her art. Then came the covid lockdown in March and a blooming summer in July that inspired her to open Magenta gallery.

The work has both expressions in abstract form and narrative statements that creates a storytelling and commication with the viewer.

The eight paintings was displayed from the gallery window and changed placement during the exhibition to get a view from the street.

Find work by Tania Sloth in the shop.

So new year (no fear)
Installation view
Wall talk
Street view
Installation view
A place beyond (the stars)
Street view
As Spring Goes By


From the 6th-28th of November 2020

The first exhibition at Magenta gallery marked the opening and celebrated the collaboration with neighbour shop Strengelegen.

It shows a unique collection of wood sculptures from Strengelegen’s Torben Carlsen and wood collages and paintings from the gallery’s Tania Sloth. The exhibition is a tribute to the shop and its history and transform the room from being filled with old instruments to an exhibition space.

Torben Carlsen

The sculptures from Torben Carlsen are made from wood knots found in the forest of Italy. They have been cleaned, polished and some are placed on a foot with a brass stilk. The sculptures have very unique character-like faces that play with your imagination in an organic and abstract form.

Tania Sloth

The collection is based on organic shapes, material study and colour expressions from 2017-2020. The works are experimental studies of the wood as a canvas and component for the paintings. She uses wood and leather as building blocks to create textural collages.

Find work by Tania Sloth in the shop.

Why wait by Tania Sloth
Installation view
What is in front 1 – 2 by Tania Sloth
Installation view
Wood sculptures by Torben Carlsen


From the 4th-23rd of December 2020

Clouds form and the storm comes. It gives way to something new. This exhibition of art, both paintwork and multimedia is the creation of Kollektivet_AR7. 

Kollektivet_AR7 is a new artist, who has worked for governments and multinationals – on everything from conflict reduction to communications. But then came pain, in its various guises. And from that pain: art. Stormation is the story of escape and realisation.

The paintings has playful style with a re-imagination of form in familiar and unfamiliar shapes. The lively and vibrant colours speak to the idea that more is more.

Find work by kollektivet_AR7 in the shop.

Installation view
Sit with intention (don’t get distracted)
Nobody to prove who you are
 Co untitled 2
Video installation