From the 10th - 23rd of December 2021

A poetry book release

Based on the personal accounts of poverty through childhood to adult life, and the unbearable history of oppression, Cotton Rivers was realised. Through poems and illustrative elements, Elio Escoffery and Basco have created a poetry book which intends to tackle the seemingly blind red thread of this societal issue.

Accompanying the book, which was a source of inspiration, artist’s Jamie Jacob and Basco have produced artwork inspired by Cotton Rivers.

Elio Escoffery is a British Caribbean writer born in London, living in Copenhagen. Working primarily with poetry, his subject matters centre around race, loss, lust and decay. He has a real urge to see language used within more creative spaces and situations. Escoffery is currently writing his first novel, Drifters.

Basco of Scorpions is a Canadian born creative, living in Copenhagen.
Formerly named BascoFive, he is allowing himself to be unrestricted in his creative process. He envisions how one can reimagine what it means to publish, hold events, or create items with meaning. With a strong belief in collaboration, 2022 will see many new projects on the horizon.

Jamie Jacob is an English born painter, living in Copenhagen. With a background in art and furniture design he is currently exploring the world through various mediums and many colours. Proclaiming himself a multi-coloured article manufacturer, his universe is vast and unique.

On Friday the 10th of December from 16-21 we welcome you at Magenta gallery for the reception and book release of Cotton Rivers. The book will be for sale at the opening, you can pre-order a copy at

Elio Escoffery will be presenting a reading at 19 in the gallery.