Ene Bissenbakker (Denmark, 1982, lives and works in Copenhagen)

As a visual artist I work with different media, but I have a certain relationship with paper. Widely used for different purposes worldwide, paper carries many connotations in itself – but it is the schismatic nature of the medium that draws my attention: paper is in so many ways strong and fragile at the same time. Paper is alive.

Just as with the fraiglty of paper, the fraiglty between humans is of interest to the me. On one level or an other, the artworks all deal with the longing for – and impossibility of – human interaction.

From the exhibition STARING AT THE SUN

I have a background in Anthropology and Visual Culture, which comes across in my works. In my understanding it is a deeply rooted human trait to desperately seek connection, but also to falter when wo come near each other. All of my works, one way or another, deal with these topics. Apart from the humanities studies, I have worked a great deal on collaborations as documentary film maker, writer, performance art and art festivals.

Ene made the solo exhibition STARING AT THE SUN in Magenta gallery. She is part of the new curatorial team.