From the 4th – 13th of May: 24/02

From the 8th – 29th of April: E L S E W H E R E

From the 4th – 25th of March: FALLING ON DEAF EARS

From the 4th – 25th of February: TRACES


From the 10th – 23rd of December: COTTON RIVERS

From the 5th – 26th of November: TANFOOLIAN

From the 1st – 22nd of October: LIGHTLY

From the 3rd – 24th of September: STARING AT THE SUN

From the 13th – 27th of August 2021: PATTERNS, GRIDS & MEDITATION OBJECTS

From the 2nd – 10th of July 2021: HAVEN OF THE LOST SNAKE AND DIVINE BIRD

From the 4th – 26th of June 2021: BUILD BY SHAPE

From the 7th – 29th of May 2021: CONTACT

From the 9th – 29th of April 2021: AT HOME

From the 12th – 31st of March 2021: DESERTED SHORE

From the 1st – 28th of February 2021: SO NEW YEAR


From the 4th – 23rd of December 2020: STORMATION

From the 6th – 28th of November 2020: WOOD WORKS