From the 4th - 25th of March 2022

From the 4th – 25th of March 2022

Veronica Bluguermann
Amanda Kessarias
Madam Neverstop
Luise Noora Sejersen
Mia Dernoff
Johanne Storgaard Brok

Culture_VS_Events and Magenta Gallery welcome you to “Falling on Deaf Ears” – a group exhibition showcasing Denmark-based international artists of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, gender and sexual identities, who with their artistic contributions will explore different topics of conversation and actions provoked by contemporary feminism in various cultural pockets around the world.

The purpose of this exhibition is to celebrate Women’s History Month and all that feminism has accomplished for our society to take its current form. However, the Nordic / Western European perspective is often skewed thanks to inaccurate depictions in media on foreign affairs, and narrowed due to a lack of exposure to other narratives outside the domestic plane.

That is why, inspired by the theme behind the featured installation piece titled “Gritemos” by Argentinian artist Veronica Bluguermann, we would like to create a safe space for discourse where the artists participating in the exhibition can facilitate a direct link to different conversations and actions provoked by feminism, in order to create a holistic image of the different sociopolitical developmental stages in regards to human rights around the world.

The participating artists are working in different media including video, embroidery, textile, painting, and photography. Their work comes together in a total installation reflecting their individual perspectives on the subject.

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