From the 2nd - 10th of July 2021

Basco Five (CA/DK)
Tania Sloth (DK)
kollektivet_AR7 (DK)
Amy Worrall (SE)
Anna Hofmann (GE)
Malte Eskestad (DK)
Rose Bendixen (DK)
Rachel Racks (UK)

In this cult-like world of birds, snakes and mysterious creatures, an art experience is created that is unlike any other. Magenta gallery has invited eight different artists from four different countries to participate in this group exhibition with works from paintings and drawings to wearable art and sculptures.

The experience of art in very different styles creates the interaction with the common theme. The colours and figures are a visual connection when the various media are put together by the two curators Tania Sloth and Basco Five that both participate in the exhibition.