From the 13th - 27th of August 2021

Magenta gallery presents a solo exhibition by Craig Martin Wood in August.

Craig Martin Wood has worked in various media and latest with his linocuts under the pseudonym Henry the Rabbit. This exhibition will show his earlier work from abstract and geometrical studies with paintings in oil and acrylic. 

From 2014 the first grid paintings were made as an alternative to the printmaking practice which has a lot of figurative and symbolic imagery. With inspiration from Indian tantric paintings, Islamic patterns and the enso circles of Zen calligraphers he created his own visual form. 

The paintings are created with a lot of layers so the thickness of the paint gives it a tactile feeling and some are built with a thick frame that makes them balance between a sculpture and a painting. 

“Words can never justify abstractions. The more we say, the further it is from the thing itself. Patterns create optical illusions, circles carry embedded meanings, meditation objects are pure and free from art theory; until you place them in a gallery.” Craig Martin Wood, 2021

We are excited to open this summer exhibition on the 13th of August from 17-20 serving cold drinks and wine.

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