From the 1st-28th of February 2021

A collection of paintings made in 2020 by Tania Sloth.

The paintings represent a year that started with her quitting her job in Januray to focus on her art to the covid lockdown and feeling isolated in March and a blooming summer in July that inspired her to open Magenta gallery. The work has the expressions of both abstract form and narrative statements that creates a storytelling and commication with the viewer.

The eight paintings will be displayed from the gallery window and will change placement during the exhibition so you can see them all from the street.

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In the window in week 5

Walking past a place I have never seen before
So new year (no fear)

In the window in week 6

A place beyond (the stars)
The night I decided to look up

In the window in week 7

Welcome to the world
Wall talk

In the window in week 8

As Spring Goes By

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