From the 3rd - 24th of September 2021

Magenta gallery presents visual artist and anthropologist Ene Bissenbakker’s solo exhibition STARING AT THE SUN that will be the 10th exhibition in the gallery. 

STARING AT THE SUN consists of works on paper mounted on wooden boards and is the result of a year of research into the interaction of the unconscious mind with the fragile nature of paper.

The exhibition builds on Bissenbakker’s investigations of the paper’s form properties and its extreme framework for use. The paintings are at once colour saturated and dry, as they have undergone a process in which gouache paint has been endlessly added and washed down from the paper. 

Gouache is by nature a semi-transparent type of paint that allows the visibility of underlying layers, and for each processing of the layers, traces are left on the paper, so that new motifs appear in an increasingly abstract form. In the series, the works end up as yellow energy fields with suggestive images that are hinted at between these layers.

The exhibition also shows textile work, a relatively new medium for Bissenbakker, who has bleached the carpets at the Danish Art Workshops. 

Magenta gallery was previously part of the music shop Strengelegen, and is still physically connected today via a narrow and dark hallway with old string instruments. The carpets from Strengelegen also extend into the gallery for this exhibition. They too have undergone a transformation and, like the paintings, have had their colour extracted. 

The opening is Friday the 3rd of September from 17-20 with the artist present in the gallery. 

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Video made by @bradyperron
Music by @timfain