Stitch in Time Workshop

Thread. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. Thread.
The rhythm of the ages, the slow beat of a needle
through fabric as an image emerges over hours.
Embroidery is a skill passed down for thousands
of years, part of a tradition of handicrafts which
tell the tale of the time that they were made.
Whether it’s a motif on a military uniform or a
little girl’s handwriting, lives were recorded in
thread. The Stitch in Time workshop builds on
that history of storytelling.

Come sit with me, let’s share a moment and stitch
together the messages that need to be seen.

Veronica Bluguermann, the artist from FALLING ON DEAF EARS is hosting the workshop the 19th of March from 13-15.

Cost of participation: 200 DKK with materials and coffee/thé included. Book your spot on mobilepay: Tania Sloth (Magenta gallery) 27283035 and add ‘workshop’ in the comment area.

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