From the 4th-23rd of December 2020

Clouds form and the storm comes. It gives way to something new. This exhibition of art, both paintwork and multimedia is the creation of Kollektivet_AR7. 

Kollektivet_AR7 is a new artist, who has worked for governments and multinationals – on everything from conflict reduction to communications. But then came pain, in its various guises. And from that pain: art. Stormation is the story of escape and realisation.

The paintings has playful style with a re-imagination of form in familiar and unfamiliar shapes. The lively and vibrant colours speak to the idea that more is more.

All the works are for sale in the gallery. See the price list

Installation view
Sit with intention (don’t get distracted)
Nobody to prove who you are
 Co untitled 2
Video installation