From the 5th – 26th of November 2021

Magenta gallery presents the first solo exhibition by Lukas Keysell.

Lukas Keysell is a half English-half Danish graphic artist working expansively in many modes of creative output. His art and design practice started at Winchester School of Art (UK), where he completed his BA in graphic design and then transitioned to Denmark to explore his mother’s roots. 

The title “Tanfoolian” comes from the wandering thoughts of Lukas’s mind when he paints these half abstract-half figurative compositions. The ‘Tanfoolian tribe’ can be found in the bottom right corner of the largest painting in the collection. 

It is important to state that Lukas’s controlled lines are made with no aid from tape or rulers. Background first, then hours of meditative painting, aiming to finish with a uniform line-width throughout. This method of working was inspired by his passion for silkscreen printing at university, as he wanted to replicate the precision and boldness achieved through this process. 

Lukas recently graduated from MA Graphic Communication Design at Det Kongelige Akademi and continues to live and work in Copenhagen.

The exhibition opens the 4th of November from 17-20.

Check out the event live painting with Lukas the 19th of November from 16-20.

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