From the 6th - 28th of November 2020

The first exhibition at Magenta gallery marked the opening and celebrated the collaboration with neighbour shop Strengelegen.

It shows a unique collection of wood sculptures from Strengelegen’s Torben Carlsen and wood collages and paintings from the gallery’s Tania Sloth. The exhibition is a tribute to the shop and its history and transform the room from being filled with old instruments to an exhibition space.

Torben Carlsen

The sculptures from Torben Carlsen are made from wood knots found in the forest of Italy. They have been cleaned, polished and some are placed on a foot with a brass stilk. The sculptures have very unique character-like faces that play with your imagination in an organic and abstract form.

Tania Sloth

The collection is based on organic shapes, material study and colour expressions from 2017-2020. The works are experimental studies of the wood as a canvas and component for the paintings. She uses wood and leather as building blocks to create textural collages.

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